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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Beware of wire tapped phones

As more people uses mobile phones as alternative wallets compared to credit cards, the more we must be aware about and protected against mobile data theft. There are actually lots of mobile data theft that has been reported on the news especially with local celebrities where they allegedly had their mobile phones repaired but ended up having their private pictures from their phone published on the Internet.

This brings me to the site who specializes on spy equipments, one of their hot selling items are the Spy Phones -- a normal looking phone (latest models are available) but it was reprogrammed (firmware + chip hack) to allow certain number to call the phone without ringing, it even works while the phone is off! This allow the caller to eaves drop using the phone without the user being aware of, it also allows interception of SMS (forwarding). Now imagine theives using this type of technology, given the right motives and person to attack. These spy phones may intercept starting anything from private business negotiations up to bank account details.


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