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Sunday, December 03, 2006

YouTube Mobile...Philippine Edition!

According to Techcrunch, YouTube Mobile will be rolling out after 14 months. I think i can beat them to that :D

YouTube Mobile Downloader comming out in the Philippines!

Well.. its another product of a boring day, the storm that hit last weekend didn't make much fuss so i had the whole office to myself. The Internet was so crappy for surfing YouTube so i decided to download them while I play Diablo II, I can always view them later after I beat Baal on nightmare level. A few minutes later i found a whopping 1Gig usage in my HD, since each 10-30 minute FLV file has an average size of 50MB. To save space I converted them to 3GPP format and later on, because i still couldn't beat Baal, I decided to make WAP enabled service out of the entire process.


Claire said...

Oh Godie! Andyan pa ba ang mga 3gp files na yan? Lotsa goodies I hope? :D

godieYOSI said...

Yep. Actually as long as its has been requested via mobile, it will stay on cache until the cache space runs out and then the oldest cached movie will be deleted. So far each 1 minute YouTube video becomes a 80-100Kb 3gp file, so it will definitely take time before the 160 Gig cache disk is exhausted :)

If you like a demo just email me up.

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