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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mobile Adsense ! Following-up: YouTube Mobile

Following my post about the developement of YouTube Mobile; we think it will definitely drive 3G traffic once its launched and what better way to monitize traffic? SEO will say it clear, Google Adsense. Yes, YouTube Mobile will come out with Google Adsense!

Step 1: Find your favorite YouTube Video and take note of its ID found in the URL.

Step 2: Type in the YouTube ID on YouTube Mobile via WAP

Step 3: Click Download, the demo site is not configured to handle multiple request so will take time to process your request depending on number of qued request. Don't complain, this is just a demo. Actual production servers can handle all the request simultaneously.

That's it then a link will be generated to download your YouTube Video for mobile. BUT WAIT... what's that peaking on the lower portion on the page? It reads.. Google Adsense for mobille? Let's scroll down the page and take a look... Yep for REAL!

Take a click on the link and it converts ordinary websites straight to mobile format too! All these thanks to Google :)


Mike Abundo said...

Are you saying Google has a solution to convert AdWords landing pages to WAP format?

By the way, what file format do you convert the YouTube videos to?

godieYOSI said...

Yep. For sometime now, Google Wap Proxy has been enchanced to follow redirect metas and http headers, which is used for Adsense's click-thru tracking! However there are still problems with landing pages that uses javascript like ebay.

The YouTube videos are re-formatted to 3gpp files, its a file download not RTSP streaming which is only possible using Real Player, so any phone that can play .3gp can view the video.

Anonymous said...

TV on your WAP enabled mobile phone. Type in your mobile internet browser. They are looking for beta testers to help see if it works on your phone. Offered by extreme sports mobile TV company Yamgo ( It's a free service (apart from your WAP phone charges). It works well on my Nokia N70, even the live channels work over a GPRS.

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