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Monday, December 11, 2006

IMEVRYWHR... what? dont stutter please!

Globe Telecoms Philippines launched its IMEVRYWHR service powered by FastMobile to integrate IM, SMS, MMS and voice. posted an article titled "3G, Going, Gone, Gone" last December 8, 2006 which was "removed" from the archive from some reasons; maybe they are scared of big G? The article seems to be a rip-off anyway of the article published on Businessweek title "3G: Going, Going, Gone". The Philstar- article tackles Globe's non-productive 3G infrastructure compared to it's closest, rival Smart Telecoms and says Globe released its IMEVRYWHR service just to keep up its 3G service's PR.

If anyone has a cached version of the site from Google Desktop please email me at


Miguel said...

nah it wasn't removed by Philstar.

they just can't keep their archives properly.

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